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Future Tech Development

FutureTech Development’s own line of IT-equipment, manufactured under the brand name URSA, is a high-tech high-end products for data networks, Wi-Fi networks, routers, security systems, gateways and much more.

URS-S5300-E Series Gigabit Switches

The URS-S5300-E series are next-generation gigabit Ethernet switches launched by FutureTech Development Company according to its design philosophy of security, high efficiency, energy saving, and independent innovation. This series can provide full gigabit access and flexibly extensible 10G uplink data exchanges. With a new hardware architecture and modular OS, the URS-S5300-E series are capable of providing more resource entries, faster hardware processing, and better user experience.

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URS-S5760-X Series Gigabit Switches

The URS-S5760-X series switches are the next-generation Ethernet switches which feature high performance and large capacity. The switches employ with new-generation chips together with URSA’S latest modular OS to provide a larger entry capacity, faster hardware processing, and better user experience.The URS-S5760-X series switches support flexible 1000M access and provide four to eight fixed 10G SFP ports that support high-density high-performance uplink connection. They excellently meet user requirements for high-density access and high-performance convergence.

For the convergence layer of large-sized networks, core layer of medium- and small-sized networks, and access layer of data center servers, the URS-S5760-X series switches provide high-performance and sound end-to-end service quality as well as rich security settings in a highly cost-effective way. They can meet requirements of enterprise networks for high speed, security, and intelligence to the maximum.The URS-S5760-X series switches are equipped with carrier-class electric components, which ensure continuous and robust update and operation of customers’ infrastructure networks.

Feature highlights of URS-S5760-X Switch Series:

• Built-in Full Layer 3 Routing (24K Routing Table and L3 Multicast)
• Built-in advanced features without additional licensing: SDN, VXLAN,MPLS and Telemetry
• Full series model with 8 10G Uplink and support 100G expansion module
• 1+1 Power (AC/DC) & Fan Redundancy Support 

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URS-S6120 series

The URS-S6120 series switches are next-generation 10G Ethernet switches with high performance and high security newly launched by FutureTech Development. Adopting advanced hardware architecture design and FutureTech’s new RGOS gen 12th modular operating system, the switches provide faster hardware processing performance and more convenient operating experience. URS-S6120 series provides maximum 32 10G fiber access and supports high-performance 10/25/40G port uplink, which fully meets the user requirements of high-density access and high-performance aggregation. URS-S6120 series switches provide high-performance and comprehensive end-to-end QoS, as well as flexible and feature-rich security settings for large-scale network aggregation as well as small and medium-sized network cores, meeting the needs of high-speed, high-security and smart enterprise networks.

Product Highlights:

  • Up to 32 x 10G Base-X Access Ports and 4 25G & 2 40G uplink
  • Built-in Advanced Layer 3 Routing Support
  • Power and Fan Redundancy Support (hot-swappable)
  • Robust High Reliability Hardware Design (Guarantee for 30 Years MTBF)

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